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Calcite In Ceramics Industry

Calcite In Ceramics Industry

Our calcite is used in every kind of Ceramic product manufactured including art ware, porcelain, pottery, floor tiles, sanitary ware to name a few. Our Activated calcium carbonate is widely used in PVC pipe as filler due to its high dispensability and uniform particle size, high impact resistance, smooth surface finish, easy processing and excellent dimensional stability. They are indispensable for elastration of naturally transparent man-made fibers for instance and guarantee high color intensities and whiteness in plastic components.

Best Quality Calcite Powder in Ceramics Industry

Calcite is a natural mineral powder can be available at Bandhan Calchem with exclusively high whiteness, purity and free flowing nature. The formula of Calcite is CaCO3 and this mineral is widely used minerals on the earth.

Calcite Powder Supplier in India

Ceramics Grade Calcite Powder

Best quality calcite powder can found at here Udaipur, Rajasthan India. We process and refine calcite in the formation of white powder, particles and powder form, and also in lumps formation.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Calcite Powder for Ceramics Industry

Many grinded grades of Calcite powder are used in Ceramic industry. This is used for Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Sanitary ware, Varnish Frit because it has High and Low Tension Insulator applications.

Calcite manufacturer in India

Quality Calcite Powder for Ceramics Industry

Calcite powder gives the preferable security and strength in ceramics. It can decrease the density and co-efficient of thermal evolution. It helps to assists observation, solidity, stiffness and toughness to the ceramic glaze when used in systematic applications. Calcite helps to whiten the glaze to the by its bleaching movement.

Ceramic Industry Calcite Powder

Calcite is also used as calcium oxide in sanitary ware glazes and floor tile glazes. Its specifications and chemical analysis can be appointed only when we want to know the grades wanted by you.

Bandhan Calchem is the best manufacturer of Calcite Powder in Ceramics Industry in India.

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