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Calcite In Cosmetics Industry

Calcite In Cosmetics Industry

Use of calcite imparts many benefits in making Cosmetic products. Calcite is salt form of carbonic acid. All of these ingredients are white powders. These carbonate salts are used in bath products, makeup products, personal cleanliness products, shaving products, oral care products and skin and hair care products. Calcite have features like Good Abrasive, Buffering Agent, Opacifying Agent, Oral Care Agent which makes it more popular ingredient to prepare Cosmetics.

Best Quality Calcite Powder in Cosmetic Industry

In the demand for products in the industry of cosmetics, Bandhan Calchem is providing wide range of products that are most popular in the industries. We care about quality and safety of the products in this classification by understanding the value of purity and safety products. After all this process, we offer our products to the customers.

Calcite Powder Supplier in India

Cosmetic Grade Calcite Powder

Calcite is an excellent mineral used in make-up products. Calcite is found in the natural environment. Calcite is used in makeup products, toothpastes, soaps and many more. This mineral has excellent features like high purity and whiteness.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Calcite Powder for Cosmetic Industry

Calcite Powder is used in cosmetic industry and personal care products for its abrasive, absorbent, buffering agent, opacifying agent, oral care agent, pH adjuster and skin protectant functions.

Calcite manufacturer in India

Quality Calcite Powder for Cosmetic Industry

Areas of application:

Cosmetic industry
Pharmaceutical industry – supplements.
Construction industry – Matt paints, building materials, adhesives, sealants, ceramics’ glazing.
Chemical industry
Food industry – refining of beet sugar.

Qualities of Calcite in Cosmetic Industry:
Bandhan Calchem is the best manufacturer of Calcite Powder in Cosmetic Industry in India.

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