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Calcite In Glass Industry

Calcite In Glass Industry

Calcite powder for glass industry must compose of a high and consistent percentage of CaO and be devoid of color imparting impurities like Fe2O3 etc. Rajasthan is an excellent source of high whiteness calcite. We have become the well-known firm of a high quality assortment of Glass Grade Calcite powder. This offered powder is widely utilized for manufacturing of rubber materials, plastic film, building materials, paint products, plastic and PVC material. Extensively used in a number of industries, is Glass Grade Calcite powder is highly demanded in the market for their indispensable features. Also, clients can avail this at reasonable rates.

Best Quality Calcite Powder in Glass Industry

Calcite is a mineral useful in the glass industry. Calcite Powder plays a main role of network modifier in glass production. Calcite can modifies the glass transition temperature, density, rigidity, durability and dimension stability on the base of concentration and composition. Calcite powder for glass industry must formulate of a high consistent percentage of Calcium oxide.

Calcite Powder Supplier in India

Glass Grade Calcite Powder

Bandhan Clachem has an excellent quality of high whiteness calcite powder. We offer superior grade calcite powder that is known for its purity and consistency which is key for the glass industry to manage consistency in composition and color.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Calcite Powder for Glass Industry

Specifications for Calcite in Glass making: The specifications of our glass grade calcite are as per customer requirement. Our offered High-grade calcite powder is required by the glass industry. Glass grade calcite is identified by its purity and stability.

Calcite manufacturer in India

Attributes of Calcite Powder

1. High degree of whiteness
2. Low moisture content
3. Environment friendly
4. Slow reaction with acids
5. High magnesium content
6. High density

Glass Industry Calcite Powder
Bandhan Calchem is the best manufacturer of Calcite Powder in Glass Industry in India.

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