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Calcite Powder

Calcite Powder in India

Calcite Powder

We are Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Udaipur, we offer 100 Mesh Calcite Powder, t200 Mesh Calcite Powder, 300 Mesh Calcite Powder, 400 Mesh Calcite Powder, 500 Mesh Calcite Powder and Calcite Powder. We supply Calcite Mineral Powder in coated as well as uncoated form. It is manufactured keeping in mind the entire national and international standard. Calcite Mineral in coated or uncoated form is done as per customer's specification. Calcite is distinguished by it extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing nature. It is widely used as filler due to its high dispensability, low oil absorption, high impact resistance, smooth surface finish, easy processing, compatibility with polymers and other organic additives and excellent dimensional stability. In order to fulfill the ever-evolving demands of our esteemed clients, we are engaged in providing an optimum quality array of Calcite Powder. Calcite Powder is a natural form of Calcium Carbonate with extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature.

Calcite Powder Supplier in India

Calcite Powder Applications in various industries like :

1) Paints, Inks, Powder Coating and Ceramic Industry
2) Rigid PVC pipes
3) LDPE master batches
4) Oil Exploration / Oil Drilling
5) Welding Rods
6) Automotive and Furniture compounds
7) Rubber Industry
8) Leather Cloth Industry
9) As a flux in Glass Industry and in sizing of Textile goods.

What is Calcite Powder?

Calcite Powder is known for its extremely high whiteness, pure and free flowing nature. It is a natural form of Calcium Carbonate. Calcite Powder is one of the most widely used mineral due to its distinctive nature.

Calcite- The Most Used Mineral

It is used as an abrasive, a construction material, for agricultural soil treatment along with other pharmaceutical uses. Its uses are comparably more than any other powder or mineral. It is majorly used in Thermoplastic applications because of its compatibility with polymers and other organic addictives. It also acts as a good spacing extender.

Calcite manufacturer in India

Applications of Calcite Powder

Its applications include Oil exploration, is used extensively in drilling industry, plastic industry, in the preparation of rigid PVC pipes, in LDPE Master Batches, in Paint, Inks, Powder coating and Ceramics industry, in Rod Welding, in Automotive and Furniture compounds, in Rubber Industry, in Leather Cloth Industry, also as a flux in Glass Industry and in sizing of Textile goods.

Chemical Composition of Calcite

Calcite is composed of three different chemical compounds containing 93% to 97% of Calcium Carbonate (Caco3), maximum 1.5% of Magnesium Oxide or Magnesia (MgO) and 1% to 2% of Silica. These three chemical compounds combinedly form Calcite.

From Where Can You Find The Best Quality Calcite Powder?

Our company provides the best grade raw materials and Calcite Powder is definitely one of them. We provide well processed and rich quality Calcite Powder and are the key manufacturers of a good number of minerals in Rajasthan and across other Parts of India.

Calcite- Most Stable Polymorph of Caco3

Calcite is basically a carbonate mineral and is considered one of the most stable polymorph of compound Calcium carbonate (Caco3). Based on scratch hardness comparison, the Mohs scale of Mineral hardness defines value 3 as Calcite.

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