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Calcium Carbonate In Agriculture Industry

Calcium Carbonate In Agriculture Industry

Calcium is a necessary nutrient for plants. Together with magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, calcium is one of the five title planned nutrients. Soil is generally acidic, and crushed calcium carbonate rock is considered the most economically efficient and appropriate neutralizing agent. The simultaneous use of organic fertilizer can increase plants' absorption of calcium and reduce loss of calcium from the soil.

Best Quality Calcium Carbonate in Agriculture Industry

Calcium carbonate is the main component of limestone. This is a widely used mineral to offset the soil acidity and to provide the calcium to the plants for their nutrition. Calcium Carbonate is widely used in agricultural industries.

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Applications of Calcium Carbonate Powder

There are wide varieties and uses and applications of Calcium Carbonate in the agriculture industry such as:
• Animal/Poultry Feed & Pet Food
• Animal Nutrition
• Agricultural Lime
• Cubicle Lime

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Carbonate Powder in Agriculture Industry - for Animal/Poultry Feed

Calcium Carbonate is a popular mineral used for the healthy growth and development of cattle and domestic animals. It plays a major role in the agriculture. It is useful for healthy bones and skeleton growth in teenage livestock. Calcium is one of the most important minerals required by animals to grow, develop and create.

Carbonate Powder in Agriculture Industry - for Animal Nutrition

Calcium carbonate is the low priced mineral you can feed your stock. Different animals need different quantities of Calcium Carbonate at the different phase of their growth. For correct feed of your livestock, you should consult with professional animal nutritionist.

Quality Calcium Carbonate Powder in Agriculture Industry - Agricultural Lime

Agricultural lime is a mineral impregnator used to counteract and nourish coast of agricultural. It precise the soil acidity and pH levels in soils.

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