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Calcium Carbonate Powder In Pharma Industry

Calcium Carbonate Powder In Pharma Industry

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) for Pharmaceutical applications is used in the preparation of various medicines and tablets such as antacids. We supply pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate which is used in certain medical preparations such as nutritional calcium supplements and antacid tablets. It is also used as an acid neutralizing agent in certain food and beverage preparations that require a balanced pH level.

Best Quality Calcium Carbonate in Pharma Industry

Calcium carbonate is a common supplement in Pharma industry. This mineral is a fine, white, synthetically composed powder. It consist precipitated calcium carbonate (CaCO3). As an active ingredient, Calcium carbonate is used as a dietetic additive. This is used in the condition when the quantity of calcium taken in the diet is not sufficient.

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Pharma Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder

Bandhan Calchem is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a Calcium Carbonate for Pharma Industry. The major feature of our offered natural Calcium Carbonate Powder is its great wet capability and weather resistance ability. We provide our customers this mineral powder at affordable prices in India.

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Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Calcium Carbonate Powder in Pharma Industry

Calcium is required for muscles, healthy bones, anxious system and heart in the body. In Pharmaceutical Industry, Calcium carbonate is also used as an antacid to reduce indigestion and distress stomach. This can be easily available with or without a prescription.

Features of Calcium Carbonate Powder in Pharma Industry

1. Accurate formula
2. Effective composition 3. Longer shelf life

Quality Calcium Carbonate Powder in Pharma Industry

Our mineral company provides different grades of calcium carbonate such as industrial grade, chemical grade and pharmaceutical grade. We have pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate that is used in various medical compositions like tablets and nutritional supplements. We also provide highly purified kinds of calcium carbonate powder for food, refreshment, and pharmaceutical commodities.

Applications of Calcium Carbonate Powder in Pharma Industry

• In the manufacturing of buffered aspirins
• As cost-effective fillers and excipients for tablets

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