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Dolomite In Refractory Industry

Dolomite In Refractory Industry

Dolomite Refractory bricks are made of magnesium oxide, about 30%-42%, calcium oxide, about 40%-60%, and other materials and the main minerals are periclase and the calcium stone. Such products are featured with high refractoriness, good thermodynamic stability, and slag erosion resistance. And can be used in the converter, steel making furnace and sintering zone as well as transition zone of the cement rotary kiln, etc.

Dolomite Refractory belongs to basic refractory material, which is resistant to erosion of basic slags and iron slags, with high refractoriness. And with high quality magnesite and dolomite as raw materials, and two-step calcining process, being made by high temperature sintering, dolomite bricks are excellent in high heat conditions such as high temperature resistance, good thermodynamic stability, slag erosion resistance, good cold crushing strength, and thermal shock resistance.

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