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Talc in Ceramics Industry

Talc in Ceramics Industry

Talc is often used in automotive exhaust catalytic converters. These contain honeycomb cordierite Ceramic bodies. The active catalyst, usually a platinum compound, uses the ceramic body as a substrate. Manufacturing of cordierite honeycomb structures aims for high porosity (surface area) yet mechanical strength of thin walls, with a minimum heat expansion coefficient. This is decisive for resistance to temperature changes and fractures. Honeycomb ceramics require highly specialized talc grades that meet a unique combination of requirements.

Talc Powder for Ceramic Industry

Talc Powder is provided with completely grained in Ceramic Industry. Our provided High Grade Talc Powder checked against various frameworks or parameters of quality. Bandhan Calchem has Talc Powder at the market leading prices for the clients. We also assure to appropriately contain the Talc Powder using the best packaging material.

Talc powder supplier in India

Ceramic Grade Talc Powder

Talcum Powder for Ceramic Industry plays a major role in cordierites, steatites and porcelain. Talc Powder is also used as an additive in floor tiles and wall tiles, tableware and sanitary ware and many more. Talcum Powder for Ceramic Industry lessens the firing temperatures and cycles by combining talc powder with feldspar to form a eutectic-flux. This also maintains firing shrinkage.

Manufacturer of Talc in India

Application of Talc Powder in Ceramic Industry

• Varnished floor tiles
• Porcellanato floor tiles
• Sanitary ware
• Tableware etc.

Important Applications of Talc Powder in Ceramic Industry

• Glazes
• Engobes
• Electro ceramics
• Mullite Refractories for kiln furniture

Ceramic industry Uses Talc for manufacturing and glazing of:

• Wall Tiles
• Sanitary ware
• Electrical Insulating
• Porcelain
• Dinnerware

Our offered Talc Powder for Ceramic Industry available is mainly of 80-93% whiteness and 200-300 Mesh sizes.

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