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Talc In Paint Industry

Talc In Paint Industry

Talc is a white, grey, or pale green soft mineral with a greasy feel, occurring as translucent masses or laminate and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate.

Talc is known for being the softest mineral on earth. It is also known as Soapstone & Steatite. We offer high and fine quality Soap Stone to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation. This green Soapstone is available at industrial leading prices. It is used for industrial purposes and domestic purposes. It is used in Paper, Paint & Coating, Rubber, Cosmetic, Fertilizers, Ceramics, Filler, Plastic, Textiles, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical & detergents etc.

Quality Talc Powder for Paint Industry

We manufacture high grade talc powder for paint industry that fortifies the paint films and averts sagging. We are widely known Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Talc Powder. Our major clients are well-known paint industries in national and international market.

Talc powder for paint industry

Paint Grade Talc Powder

Talc Powder has excellent whiteness and brightness and therefore interferes least with the shade of pigment. Talc has also high brightness due to which the paint doesn’t featureless in aspects. Talc minimizes the needs of solvent for the pigment, thereby causing depth unfiltered of pigment as well as upgrading cost.

Talc powder for paint industry

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Talc Powder for Paint Industry

Talc is used in manufacturing of fancy paints, coatings, putties, pigment, pastes, primers, adhesives and many other industrial products. Talc is one of the most salient industrial mineral and filler material for paints.

Talc Powder for Paints and Coatings

Talc Powder is a perfect filler or extender for paints and coatings industry. Talc also enhances the coverage and weather resistance of the any products. We provide Talc, is especially used in marine paints and preventive coatings. We provide our Talc Powder for this Industry at competitive prices to our clients.

Uses of Talc Powder in Paint Industry

Talc helps in dangling other pigments, improves robustness of Paint, decay inhibitive properties & corrosion resistance, stability of emulsion paints, Prevents enamel from running, controls gloss of paints. The quantity of Talc used in paints extended between 2 to 30 percent.

With rich industry experience & skills, we have been able to offer the best range of Talc Powder/ Soapstone Powder.

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