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Talc in Plastic Industry

Talc in Plastic Industry

Highly pure, Talc for Plastic enhances the performance of polyolefin compounds. The possible applications are virtually infinite. Talc is used in automotive plastics and electrical appliances, but also in food packaging such as acid-resistant keep-fresh packs and yoghurt pots, in TV and notebook housings and in flooring.

For example, used in PP pipes, Talc increases rigidity, creep resistance and impact resistance (particularly at low temperatures). This makes PP/talc the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. In motor vehicles, Talc in polymer compounds stabilizes bumpers and makes dashboards more scratch-resistant. Talc offers decisive advantages in combination with the natural fiber: it reduces water absorption, shrinkage, deformation and creep. The elasticity modulus and shape retention temperature are improved.

Talc Powder for Plastic Industry

Talc Powder is growing fast in Plastic industry (LDPE, PP, PVC, HDPE and other Compounds). Bandhan Calchem offer ultra-fine Talc powder for Plastic Industry used in Automotive and Aesthetic, polypropylene, polymers, line PVCs and other plastic consolidation.

Talc powder supplier in India

Plastic Grade Talc Powder

This Talc Powder for Plastic Industry is perfect filler or extender due to blending features and heat and electrical resistant. Our offered Quality Talc Powder is chemically inert and gives smooth and polished feel to the surface of plastic. Talc Powder also transmits the stiffness, rigidity; tensile strength of plastic products upgrades the quality of the plastic surfaces and also provides the product electrical, chemical and thermal resistance.

Talc powder supplier in India

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Talc Powder for Plastic Industry

Talcum Powder is also used in polypropylene for automotive segments, brood and white product stocks. The use of Talc Powder in Plastic Industry offers the advantages on the specific approach like higher stiffness and improved dimensional stability.

Some Reasons are here why Our Talc Powder For Plastic Industry

• Outstanding Heat resistance
• Incomparable electrical resistance
• Great chemical resistance
• Market Laeding Rates

Quality Talc Powder in Plastic Industry

TWe are involved in the manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Talc Powder for Plastic Industry that is highly demanded for its low heat conductivity and electricity. We have been manufacturing high grade dolomite powder for plastic industry with various moderations and refinements in the production techniques to meet the standards of our admired customers.

Bandhan Calchem has an excellent quality of Talc Powder for Plastic Industry in different mesh sizes.

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